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We are taking women who want to become fit , women who NEED to get fit, and  teach them how  to keep the weight off. By providing them a community of  100 + like minded women who have  committed to transforming their mental, physical, spiritual well being. This is not your normal fitness challenge.  In Walk It Off Girl we follow the spiritual guide and tackle the mental challenges that are keeping you from becoming a WHOLE PERSON.  

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LDL Empowerment Institute is your ability to have personal commitment and responsibility to your own growth with a community of like minded women. We focus on your physical health, mental health, and spiritual wellness by using practical tools to enhance your overall well being. 


We not only provide a network of women who are striving to reach the same goals but we provide you with the tools you need to help you reach your goals. We realized a lot of programs either help you lose weight but not teach you how to keep it off. 


Within our community our goals is to help you shift your mindset so your physical, mental, and spiritual health become your number one priority.

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What We Do


Our Plan

This Is Perfect For You If...

Right now, you're being called to change your life and take control in a whole new way. This community is equipped to uplift you, empower you, encourage you, and give you the fuel you need to reach your maximum potential. Ask yourself are you ready to:


  • Take massive action in you life

  • Stop letting fear hindering your progress

  • Finish what you start


If your answer is yes then you need our community. We use biblical principles and psychological concepts to provide you with practical tools. Your life is guaranteed to change with our weekly sessions, group coaching, and monthly courses.

What We Do
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